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Our Staff

Our dedicated team is the heart of conservation at Arid Recovery

Our diverse team at Arid Recovery is composed of experts in conservation ecology, land management, scientific research, and business administration, united by a common goal of protecting and revitalizing threatened species. With backgrounds ranging from PhDs in ecology to extensive experience in field operations and community engagement, each member contributes unique skills essential for the multifaceted approach required in conservation.

Dr. Katherine Tuft
Chief Executive

Kath leads the team, managing operations, overseeing the science program and community engagement.

She has a background in conservation ecology, having completed a PhD on Brush-tailed Rock-wallabies in NSW, and spent six years working on declining mammals in northern Australia.

Dr. Katherine Moesby
Principal Scientist

Katherine is one of the co-founders of Arid Recovery and was integral to establishing the reserve with her partner John Read. Katherine established many of the monitoring and research programs at Arid Recovery and continues to guide the science program as Principal Scientist.

Nathan Manders
Conservation Land Management Officer

Nathan looks after feral animal control, general infrastructure maintenance and the ongoing upkeep of the Reserve’s predator-proof fences. He is also there to lend a hand with any fauna survey work that takes place.

Coming from Central Victoria, Nathan has a background in pest plant management, flora and fauna surveying and re-vegetation works. He has a keen interest in the conservation of all of our native wildlife, and a particular soft spot for our native flora.

Caitlin Rutherford

Caitlin oversees the ecological monitoring program and works with other staff to set research priorities.

Bianca Amato
Community Field Ecologist

Bianca brings her love of education and research to the role. When Bianca is not assisting in the field, she coordinates volunteers, tours, school visits, community events and Arid Recovery’s digital communications. 

Erica Mayer-Zirn
Administration Officer

Erica is a long-time Andamooka local with deep ties to the opal industry and a love of travel. She has worked in many different sectors including solar system installation, civil works and banking. Her flair for efficient business administration keeps Arid Recovery running smoothly and well connected with our network of suppliers.

Jonah Wiltshire
Field Officer

Jonah supports feral animal control, fence maintenance and the upkeep of the Reserve’s vehicles and other infrastructure. He also helps with fauna monitoring and incursion responses. Jonah hails from Tasmania, having worked as a wilderness guide and now enjoying working in a very different landscape.

Kylie McQualter
UNSW Research Ecologist

Kylie is a postdoctoral researcher with the University of NSW, based at Arid Recovery. She did her PhD on giraffes and spent many years working on reserves in Africa. Kylie’s research here includes heatwave impacts to animals and their behaviour, and understanding how feral cats respond to cues from prey animals.

Dr. Hugh McGregor
Feral Predator Researcher (Arid Recovery) and Postdoctoral Researcher (UTas)

Hugh volunteers with Arid Recovery, focussing on feral predator research. He is completing a postdoc through the University of Tasmania and the National Environmental Science Program Threatened Species Hub. Much of his research is conducted at Arid Recovery.

Having completed his PhD on feral cats in northern Australia, Hugh studies the interaction between cats, rabbits and native prey animals.

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