Checking water fountain - drought relief at Arid Recovery
Donate to Arid Recovery

We need your support to reintroduce vanished species back to the arid zone and continue doing critical conservation.

Donating to Arid Recovery helps with:

  • Protecting threatened arid zone species and ecosystems
  • Securing Arid Recovery’s predator-proof fence for the long term
  • Research towards establishing threatened species beyond the fence
  • Supporting community events and education programs

Your help is appreciated enormously as we work on recovery from drought. You can help by volunteering or making a donation.

  • A donation of $10 can provide food for the animals at one feeder for a fortnight until follow-up rains spur regeneration.
  • A donation of $30 will cover the cost of carting water to keep water fountains filled.
  • A donation of $100 will help fund research to find refuges from drought and heat that we can enhance to better prepare threatened species for the next extreme event.
  • All donations to Arid Recovery are tax deductible. Please consider adopting an animal or making a donation before the 30th June..

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