Donate to Arid Recovery

We need your support to reintroduce vanished species back to the arid zone and continue doing critical conservation.

Donating to Arid Recovery helps with:

  • Protecting threatened arid zone species and ecosystems
  • Securing Arid Recovery’s predator-proof fence for the long term
  • Research towards establishing threatened species beyond the fence
  • Supporting community events and education programs

Your help is appreciated enormously as we work on expanding and growing the population of our bilbies. You can help by making a donation or volunteering.

  • A donation of $30 will cover food for a bilby during the transfer.
  • A donation of $80 will fly one bilby from Thistle Island to Port Lincoln.
  • A donation of $200 will buy a tracking device to monitor a bilby after release.
  • All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Anyone gifting over $100 will be invited to choose an ‘island-themed’ name for one of the new bilbies.

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