We have identified the four frontiers for change and innovation that we are committed to progressing over the next decade. Our challenge is to maintain our commitment to the biodiversity of the reserve and to our community while pushing on these four frontiers.

1. Scientific innovation: Conservation is progressed beyond the fence so that reintroduction of species can occur on a landscape scale.

2. Working together for greater impact: We will have an impact well beyond our size through alliances, collaborations and sharing of knowledge for conservation.

3. Working together on country: We will support genuine and enduring partnerships with traditional owners, building understanding through collaboration and incorporation of traditional knowledge into management of landscapes and native species.

4. Understanding climate change and drought: Arid Recovery will be resilient to drought and ready to adapt to a changing climate. We will have developed a narrative of adaptation for arid landscapes.

You can find our full strategic plan here:Arid Recovery Strategic Plan 2020-25