Arid Recovery is constantly working on a large variety of projects and we need your support to reintroduce vanished species back to the arid zone and continue doing critical conservation work.

We are currently fundraising for a new terrarium home for our snake ambassador Woma Python, Tirari. She came to Arid Recovery from another owner with the expectation she wasn’t going to grow anymore however she did, which means her home is a bit too cosy for her now.

    Over the last 16 months Tirari has both met and educated hundreds of people. From stations, schools, market days, board visits, and even over Zoom. Tirari has been the star of the show, changing people’s perspectives on snakes by pulling people in with her cuteness and gentle nature. Tirari’s job as an animal ambassador is to show people that when snakes are appreciated and respected, the snakes are going to do the same back. She also helps to communicate the importance of snakes in our environment.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated to help our girl have a better living experience. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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